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"Sleepin’ is givin’ in…no matter what the time is."
For the first time since I started this tumblr account, someone has requested a tattoo inspired by browsing my original design posts. Hurrah! Janine sent me an email saying she wanted the Arcade Fire Funeral design from this post back in the summer:
I modified it to fit her forearm (basically, tilting the angle of the quill and rearranging some of the curlicues). My interpretation of the filigreed quill has moved quite a lot from the look of the original CD art. So now, when a hipster approaches her, instead of saying “Nice Arcade Fire tattoo. Bet you didn’t get that until AFTER they won the Grammy,” he or she might say, “Hey! Gorgeous design! You know what it reminds me of? This great classic album…”
It ended up filling her whole forearm beautifully.